Rigida Ryde alumünyum çift kat tur jantı


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Ağır yükler için çift katlı jant.

Andra30, yüzüksüz aluminyum jant, Rohloff gibi göbekten vitesli bisikletler içindir.

Sputnik 19, yüzüklü alüminyum jant, satndart göbekli bisikletlere içindir.




The ‘other’ travellers rim. The Sputnik is the eyeleted version of the Andra 30 and just as popular among world travellers. Also available with the famous Ryde CSS layer that quadruples the life span at least.


This pinned joint rim is available with double eyelets for an evenly spread spoke tension around the nipple head and an easy lacing and truing process.


The Andra 30 is one of the most used rims on travel bikes. And for a reason! This rims holds its own when the conditions get really tough. Loads of luggage? No problem for the Andra 30. And with the optional CSS layer, the life span quadruples at least!


The big secret behind the strength of an Andra wheel is the directional spoke drilling. The drilling can be offered under extreme angles and the smart bead for the nipple means that the spoke tension is evenly spread around the nipple head. The pinned connection of the joint adds extra strength and stiffness to the rims.

jant ölçüsü

26”, 28”

delik sayısı

32, 36


Andra30 – yüzüksüz, Sputnik19 – yüzüklü